Acne Scar Removal

Having acne can be detrimental to your self-esteem, but overcoming pimples just to be left with the physical scars, is just as debilitating. If you are looking for information on acne scar removal treatments that can help you feel and look your best, we here at LightTouch Med Spa can help.  Please read on to learn how our world-class Markham facility, as well as our other five locations, can help you obtain the results you are looking for.

Free Consultation

Before you undergo any treatments for acne scar removal, you will be scheduled in for a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable medical practitioners. This no-cost meeting will see you sitting down with a member of our staff to discuss what you are looking to have done, and the results you desire to achieve. A free skin analysis will be used to determine which treatment type will be the most beneficial to your skin type, and overall level of skin health. You will be able to undergo your treatment after your consultation, if that is what you wish, we just recommend that you book enough time for both in advance.

Treatment Types

Once your free consultation is complete, our medical aestheticians will have gained enough knowledge to recommend the treatment most likely to garner results for you and your skin. Depending upon this information, we may approve the use of IPL™ (intense pulsed light) treatments, PIXEL® laser treatments, or a combination of both.

IPL™ Treatments

Intense pulsed light is used to quickly and effectively kill off the Acne P Virus, that which causes acne in the first place, with the ability to treat an array of other skin conditions in the process. If you suffer from Rosacea, a chronic skin condition that causes redness, pimples, swelling, and dilated blood vessels typically in the face, or hyperpigmentation and sun damage, then IPL™ is a great way to treat all of the above.

These treatments utilize IPL™ technology to emit short bursts of a powerful, polychromatic light, penetrating below the surface of the skin, targeting the melanin or blood vessels (depending on the type of treatment). The light destroys the target, subsequently ridding the face of these adverse symptoms, such as acne scarring, age spots, spider veins. IPL™ can also stimulate collagen production and therefore rejuvenate skin

PIXEL® Laser Treatments

The fastest and most powerful way to rid oneself of acne scarring caused by inflammatory acne is this laser technology. The PIXEL® system is a fractional, non-ablative resurfacing treatment, and as such, is one of the safest, most effective ways to improve skin complexion, while removing scarring. The laser does this by resurfacing the skin, removing any damaged skin cells in the process, while stimulating collagen production and the regrowth of healthy skin cells to take its place.

Schedule Today

To find out the most effective approach to revitalize your skin and obtain quality acne scar removal, schedule your free consultation today. Upon your visit to LightTouch Med Spa, our wholly trained, and highly knowledgeable medical practitioners will discuss treatment types, results, pre and post treatment care, providing you with a free skin analysis to conclude the best approach. Markham residents can make an appointment at our local facility, at 145 Royal Crest Ct, Unit 5, while those farther afield can choose from one of our five other locations!

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