What You Need to Know about Acne Vulgaris

If you’re an adult who has acne you may be puzzled at why this skin problem has just now impacted the healthy appearance of your skin. Contrary to what you may think, acne can present in adults who have higher levels of stress, who are experiencing hormonal changes, or who have recently changed medications. Let’s look at some of the basic facts about acne so that you will know how to treat, prevent, or remove any scarring that can occur.

The Causes of Acne

The causes of acne vulgaris which is also known simply as acne are varied and can affect your skin at any age. Many different factors can cause acne; some of these include overproduction of the skin’s oil, insufficient shedding of dead cells, plugged hair follicles, or excessive stress levels in your life. Some medications can also cause acne so if you suddenly experience an outbreak of acne after beginning a new medication, you should inform your doctor immediately.

Are You at Risk?

If your parents had acne you are at a higher risk for developing this skin problem as well. Acne impacts about 85% of all people sometime during their lifetime. All skin types, ethnic backgrounds, and ages can develop acne; in fact, people who are 45 years old and up can still develop cases of acne. To ascertain your risk levels you should also take a look at your exercise patterns, your diet, and the care that you give your skin on a regular basis.


Even though acne presents more commonly on the face, it can also involve skin on the back, chest, and neck. Your skin will appear red and sometimes swollen and then lesions will form that can turn into nodules and pus-filled cysts that are painful. With a mild case of acne you will only have a few lesions but with a more severe case of acne you will experience more lesions and nodules and you will have more pain.

When to Seek Help

If the home remedies that you are using or the over-the-counter medications are not working properly, it’s time to see professional help. You can be given topical ointments or oral antibiotics that will work together to fight the problem. You should also use quality skin care products recommended by a Light Touch Med Spa professional that can help to alleviate acne. There are a plethora of treatments that you can use at Light Touch Med spa in Mississauga to help facilitate healing and to prevent scarring. It’s important that you take good care of your skin while you do have acne. Keep the skin clean, use only recommended products, and remember to pat the affected skin dry instead of rubbing it which causes more irritation. Once the acne outbreak has ended make sure that you protect your skin with daily cleaning and moisturizing and protection from the sun.

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