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In order to justify why Light Touch Med Spa is the best spa in Mississauga, we have gone ahead and made a check list based on the following guidelines. We have devised guidelines based on the spa’s promises and your expectations. This means that you can be confident that the best spa in Mississauga is not necessarily a high priced spa, but that the service is the best in the GTA.

The following guidelines will act as a checklist of what you should expect from the best spa in Mississauga.

Spa Cleanliness

No matter how much the price of the service at a spa costs, you should expect a high standard of cleanliness at the spa. At Light Touch Med Spa we take pride in maintaining a spotless facility for our clients.  We use Medical Grade disinfectants, similar to what you would use in a Hospital and we clean our rooms, and linen daily, and lasers after each client’s treatment.

Friendliness, Politeness and Professional Courtesy

The Staff at light touch med spa are polite, friendly and attentive. We are professional at all times, and focused on you as our client. Each client is treated as a unique and special client with your individual requests in mind.  Many of our clients refer to our staff as a big family, a family that makes you feel like coming back time and time again.

At Light Touch Med Spa we are able to look after your every need and are able to accommodate the most sensitive of skin types and concerns.

Efficient and consistent communications

The best spa in Mississauga uses state of the art software and technology to manage your appointments and to keep you up to date on our latest service and offerings.  We offer several modes of communications for your convenience, including both text, email and phone notifications of upcoming appointments.

We offer, clients the opportunity to select their communication of choice so we do not interfere with your day to day busy life.  The best spa in Mississauga is dedicated to keeping you informed of the newest product and treatment options.  We are constantly looking for new innovative ways to make you look and feel your best and promise to always ensure you’ll be the first in your neighborhood to learn of what’s new in the ever changing Med Spa world and you’ll be the first to try and experiment new products and treatments.

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