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The advent of reshaping your body without exercise and other harmful practices has become a revolution in the realm of laser treatments. Thanks to Accent Body Contouring, there is a promise of attaining your ideal body without any down time. Accent Body Contouring utilizes an advanced radio frequency (RF) which provides skin tightening, while enhancing your skin elasticity and rebuild of new collagen, leaving your skin revitalized and healthy!

How does the treatment work?

At Light Touch Laser Clinic and Med Spa, we are committed to deliver a comfortable, non-invasive, and effective treatment that is readily available for both men and women. During the treatment, the radio frequency heats the dermis which shrinks the fat cells and rebuilds new collagen. With our advanced radio frequency implemented for Accent Body Contouring, this technology causes the deep structures of skin to tighten immediately, delivering visible results after each treatment. Typically, your appointment takes between thirty to forty-five minutes depending on the areas being treated.

Although one or two treatments will produce superior results right away, we have found that no more than three to five treatments spaced at two weeks apart are required to attain firm, tones skin. Within the time of repeated treatments, new collagen will develop which further enhances the skin tightening, therefore delivering even firmer skin results. Following the Accent Body treatment, there will be no downtime for you, giving you the accessibility to resume your daily activities.

The process itself is painless with only a warm sensation of the heat felt on the area being treated. Some may experience redness or mild swelling on the treated area but this disappears in less than twenty-four hours. Further, our Accent Body Contouring treatments ensures optimal safety precautions in delivering the treatment. Since receiving FDA approval in 2007, thousands of patients worldwide have been treated safely using the Accent system.

If you are interested or if you have any outstanding questions, feel free to contact us at 416-251-7546 to book your appointment today or fill out an online form to request a risk-free consultation at our Mississauga location.

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