Botox® Injections Mississauga

Botox® Injections Mississauga

We constantly get questions about what’s new in the world of Botox® so we decided we’d address them here, so you can know what Botox® treatments are available to you in Mississauga.

Botox® is one of the most common ways to reduce wrinkles in Mississauga. Our cosmetic injector has treated thousands of individuals across the greater Toronto area for many years.

Botox® is one of the safest non-surgical treatments available in the medical spa industry. It is impermanent, and most patients require a repeat treatment every 3-4 months to ensure that you’re always looking your best.

When administering Botox® in Mississauga our cosmetic injector will assess muscle movement and look for fine lines and deep wrinkles caused by the action of these muscles. Our cosmetic injector will develop your chart with you after discussing your skincare and beauty goals. Then, she will discuss the risks associated with this type of treatment, as stated on your consent forms, and you then have the opportunity to discuss any further concerns you may have.


What’s New?

The Botox® Lip Flip

The Botox® lip flip is one of the newest uses for Botox® in Mississauga. Not only is Botox® used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, but it can be used to turn your frown upside down and create a more plump appearance in your lips with the help of dermal fillers. This treatment involves injecting Botox® into the orbicularis oris (the muscles above and below the lips). We do not recommend using Botox® as an exclusive substitute for dermal fillers. Rather, in addition to using fillers (or instead of using fillers), a few units of Botox® can be used just above the upper lip to relax the muscles in order to allow your lip to unfurl and regain its fullness.


Botox® for Hyperhidrosis

Botox® is now commonly being used to treat Hyperhidrosis, otherwise known as excessive sweating. Botox® injections causes paralysis at the neuromuscular junction by inhibiting the release of acetylcholine from the presynaptic motor neurons from the nerves of your body that stimulate the sweat glands [NCBI]. By blocking the signals that stimulate the sweat glands, we can effectively stop the excessive sweating. Without routine treatment your symptoms will gradually return, so for this reason it is best to go for routine treatments that can help you effectively manage your condition. It’s best to book a consultation to learn more about this treatment to ensure this is the best option for you. Contact us today for a free consultation today to learn about Botox® in Mississauga by clicking here.


Botox® for Migraines

Botox® for migraines should be repeated once every three months to ensure best results. This FDA approved treatment is effective for most individuals with chronic migraines and serves to alleviate headaches with little to no downtime. Daily activities can be resumed after treatment.

On a rare occasion an individual may not experience results after their first treatment, however in these cases, we most often see patients who return for a second treatment do see results.

For more information on Botox® in Mississauga, book a free consultation by clicking here or calling our toll-free line at: 1-888-954-2667.

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