Questions to Ask Your Botox Kitchener Professional before Your Treatment

Botox has been around for about twenty years but if you’ve never thought about having a treatment until now you probably haven’t researched it very much. It’s a successful solution that reduces the dynamic wrinkles that make you look tired, worried, or older. Injections of Botox relax muscle contractions for about three months depending on your anatomical makeup. Because you should learn as much as possible about Botox injections before you actually have one, consider asking the questions below in your initial consultation.

1. What areas on your face are best suited for Botox injections? The team of Botox Kitchener professionals will tell you that some of the popular areas for treatment are the forehead, corners of the eyes that we call crow’s feet, and areas around your mouth. You can also have injections in your neck area and brow area to soften the areas and make them seem to have a natural lift.

2. How long can you expect the Botox results to last? The longevity of your treatment depends on a number of things that are specific to you as an individual. You must consider your metabolism, how much of a dose of the Botox injection you receive, and any medical factors that you are experiencing. Normally patients who have Botox injections elect to do so about every three or four months.

3. What side effects might you experience? There are some side effects and risks associated with Botox injections. You may see red dots where the injection was administered. You can also experience some bruising and swelling and even a headache. Always voice any concerns with your professional clinician before you make a final decision about having this treatment.

4. How can you prolong the effectiveness of your Botox injection? Practice a good skin care routine that includes proper cleansing and moisturizing. Ask your clinician for product recommendation and take steps on a daily basis to care for your skin.

5. Always ask about pricing and what type of follow-up service you can expect to receive once you’ve received your treatment. Cheaper is not always better and remember that this is an investment in your skin and your appearance so you must be careful to choose the right place to have your treatment performed. Ask about how you will be charged; your professional can charge by the area to be treated or the unit of Botox that is used. Along with this you should request the credentials of the professional so that you can be assured that you are receiving treatment from an expert who has experience and skills in performing the injection. Another good idea is to speak with current clients to ascertain the level of their satisfaction with the cosmetic work that they received.

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