Radio Frequency Machine

Coolsculpting Vs. Radio-Frequency


Why We Prefer Heat as Opposed to Extreme Cold

The Reform combines UniPolar radio frequency technology that rotates in order to increase circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. This ergonomic massage head provides a comfortable, painless, and fast treatment process. This powerful heating system sends 40.68 million transmissions per second to the tissue. It is focused and targets fat cells through deep and effective dermal heating, without causing pain.

A major reason why we stand behind radio frequency treatments as opposed to Coolsculpting is because radio frequency treatments that use heat to break up and flush out fat cells require absolutely no downtime and are completely pain-free.


Risks Associated With CoolSculpting

Common risks associated with CoolSculpting include: pain, a stinging sensation, aching, swelling, temporary redness, bruising, and sensitivity at the treatment site that can last from days to weeks. These side effects are caused by exposure to extremely cold temperatures, similar to frostbite. Although CoolSculpting targets fatty tissues under the skin, we have chosen to stand behind radio frequency treatments in order to avoid said side effects.


Standing Behind Safe Technology

All treatments offered at LightTouch Med Spa™, including body contouring, have been approved by the FDA and Health Canada. This treatment is safe and effective. With that said, if you are pregnant we advise that you wait until after pregnancy to receive treatments.

We pride ourselves in our technology, as we offer skincare treatments using technology developed by Alma Lasers. Alma Lasers is a trusted global leader in the medical aesthetics industry, with proven clinical results and an impeccable safety record, there is no question as to why we’ve chosen to partner with Alma.

Loose skin is a common complaint that comes with aging, weight gain and rapid weight loss, and pregnancy. This is very normal, however there is a solution! The Reform effectively tightens loose skin so that you can feel confident about your body. Coolsculpting vs radio frequency is often more expensive and often has side effects associated with frostbite. This is one major reason why we choose radio frequency over Coolsculpting!

For more information on Coolsculpting vs radio frequency, book a free consultation at LightTouch Med Spa by clicking here, or call our toll-free line at 1-888-954-2667 today. We are here to help you feel and look amazing in your own skin in a way that is safe, effective, and painless. Visit any of our locations in Orlando, Markham, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, or Waterloo!

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