If you have noticed dark circles under your eyes, and you’ve been forced to cover these areas with makeup, know that there is hope for you.  These unsightly dark circles under your eyes can make you look and feel years older than you really are. If you live in Oakville and have dark circles under your eyes, you can benefit from coming in to our med spa to receive expert advice and treatment. We can recommend the right treatment protocol for your specific concerns and help to reduce and/or eliminate dark circles that may have plagued you for years.

Dark circles under eyes are normally a combination of small broken capillaries due to age, gravity and genetics.  The darkness under the eyes may also be associated with heavy bags under the eyes, which cause facial features to look older than your actual age.  At Light Touch Med Spa, we specialize in the treatment of dark circle under the eyes, and we normally correct this issue fairly quickly by getting to the heart of the problem. We correct the cause, rather than masking the problem.

What’s the best way to treat dark circles under eyes in Oakville?

There are three different types of treatments to treat light to severe dark circles under the eyes.

 Dark Circle Eye Cream by Vivier Skin Care: For Milder cases and for Maintenance

Light touch recommends the use of the dark circle eye cream for mild cases of dark circles under the eyes. This pharmaceutical cream is enriched with vitamin K, an ingredient that is effective in reducing the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. Light touch normally uses the cream in conjunction with our specialized laser treatment for best results.

Laser eye vein treatment: For dark circles and moderate to severe puffiness under the eyes

Light touch recommends that clients receive laser eye vein treatment for more severe cases of dark circles under eyes. At our med spa locations we use the Yag 1064 laser from Alma laser. This advanced laser technique clears up the darkness under the eyes by cauterizing the broken spider veins in this area. Clients will see an immediate lightening of the treated area, and more than one treatment session may be required for best results. The laser eye vein treatment also reduces the puffiness under the eyes by reducing or eliminating the fluid caused by broken capillaries. The treatment is quick, effective, painless, and clients can go to work immediately after treatment.

Injectable Fillers: For deep hollows

Depending on the damage under the eye, we may recommend an injectable filler to place hyaluronic into the hollow under the eye.  The filler when injected professionally will gently replenish lost fluid in this area and will brighten this area normally within a weeks time.  Let our expert team of professionals determine the best solution for  you.

Getting rid of dark circles under your eyes in Oakville is a great solution to looking well rested, energized, and beautiful. Let Light Touch Med Spa help you achieve this, book your free consultation with us today!

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