Does Smoking Weed/Marijuana Cause Acne?

One of the most common questions we get at LightTouch Med Spa™ is, “Does smoking weed cause acne?” The short answer is, often, yes. However, it’s not so simple. Today we are going to break down why smoking, vaping, or ingesting marijuana can cause acne.

Smoking or ingesting marijuana can cause an increase in oils produced by the sebaceous glands as a result of spikes in testosterone. Testosterone spikes can trigger acne in both men and women alike, and smoking marijuana causes an increase in testosterone. THC is one the most prominent cannabinoids found in marijuana, and is the ingredient responsible for increased levels of the hormone testosterone. With that being said, increased levels of testosterone are not significantly higher in those who smoke weed, as reportedly, there is only a steady increase of between 3-5% in the hormone. However, for those who are already prone to acne, we do recommend avoiding smoking, ingesting, or vaping cannabis.

Why Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne?

According to High Times, another reason why there may be a correlation between smoking cannabis and having acne is  increased levels of stress. Some individuals who consume cannabis actually experience increased levels of anxiety, rather than relaxation. Increased levels of stress and anxiety can cause a spike in insulin, resulting in inflammation of the internal organs, as well as the skin.


The Munchies

Eating excessively is commonly associated with smoking cannabis. According to High Times, this is another reason why you may be developing unwanted acne. With increased inflammation due to an overproduction of insulin, sugar attaches to the collagen in our skin, causing the skin to undergo a process called glycation, which makes existing acne worse.


If You’re Getting Acne, We Can Help

If you are looking for an effective acne treatment that offers dramatic results so that you don’t have to give up cannabis, consider booking a free consultation at LightTouch Med™ Spa to discuss Pixel™ treatments. Our Pixel™ rejuvenation system is highly effective, requires little downtime, and is a great alternative to healthy skin, especially for those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Non-ablative Pixel™ laser treatments resurface the skin, remove damaged skin and return the skin to its former healthy foundation. Fractional, non-ablative resurfacing treatments are the safest, most effective approach to improving skin complexion and removing acne scars on any area of the body.

So, now that you know that we offer alternatives to the everyday skincare treatments, you no longer have to worry or ask yourself, “does smoking weed cause acne?” For more information on treatments available to you, click here to book a free consultation at any of our Canadian locations in Markham, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, or Waterloo. Or, if you’re in the USA, click here to book in at any of our Orlando locations. We are here to help you look and feel great in your own skin!

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