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Dysport® Milton

While we can’t exactly jump in a time machine and tell our 12-year-old selves to lather on the sunscreen, there is an effective way to reverse the signs of aging, one that doesn’t require a scalpel or a second mortgage. A relatively new competitor in the anti-aging market, Dysport® was approved by the FDA back in 2009 and is marketed by a company called Galderma (the company that makes Restylane®). This injectable treatment is made from botulinum toxin type A, the same neurotoxin that Botox® Cosmetic is made from. It’s been used in other parts of the world for decades, and at LightTouch Med Spa in Milton, Dysport® injections are available, and administered by our team of professional and certified medical aestheticians. Read on for more information about Dysport® at LightTouch Med Spa.

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Dysport® is simple and effective

It is the easiest method to smooth wrinkles and facial lines. The procedure offers you a more refreshed and youthful appearance without the need for any surgery. Total treatment time is only 15 minutes and is possible without the need for pain medication or anesthesia. Post treatment, you can go back to your normal life immediately.

Dysport® is easier than Botox

Dysport® spreads in an easier manner as compared to Botox® during treatment. Although it needs more precision from the part of the specialist, fewer injections are needed for large muscle groups, like the armpit or forehead areas. Greater spreading equals fewer number of injections. As such, there are fewer chances of probable discomfort, bruising and swelling for patients.

Dysport® involves no downtime

Once you complete the treatment, you can return to your original work schedule immediately. You do not have to wait for anesthesia or sedatives to wear off. You can drive home yourself after the procedure if you wish to. Your medical aesthetician will recommend that it is best if you do not lie down for a period of four hours after treatment. Maximum effects are noticeable after about two weeks. Benefits continue for a period of six months, with a majority of patients needing three treatments every year to maintain best results.

Dysport® treatment is not obvious to other people

Another benefit of using Dysport® is that others will not necessarily be able to tell that you visited our medical spa and had a cosmetic procedure done. What they will notice is that you look great. They may say that you look like you have rested more lately or that you look happier. All of these things are going to bring a variety of benefits to you.

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