Effective Methods to Eliminate Blackheads

Mississauga residents who are struggling with blackheads should consider visiting Light Touch Med Spa, as we have a number of treatments that effectively remove blackheads and rejuvenate the skin, leaving your skin looking clear, bright, and healthy. Regardless of age, Mississauga residents don’t have to struggle with blackheads or acne anymore. Connect with us for a free consultation with one of our medical aestheticians who can help you determine the best treatment plan for you.

IPL Treatments


Blackheads affect people of all ages. From pre-teens to late adulthood, unfortunately this is a problem that is a cause for embarrassment for many. Many Mississauga residents have gotten rid of their blackheads, severe acne, and acne scarring completely through our highly effective treatments at Light Touch Med Spa. We use a combination of IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments and Pixel treatments to kill the Acne virus, reduce any inflammation, and resurface the skin, thus repairing any damage caused by the virus. We have spent the last ten years developing the perfect combination of treatments to successfully remove any damage and restore the skin to its original state of health.



If you have mild blackheads and would simply like a deep clean, the hydrafacial could be a great option for you. Many individuals come to Light Touch Med Spa in Mississauga for hydrafacials to clean their pores and rejuvenate their skin before formal events such as weddings, graduations, gallas, and fitness competitions. Our clients love this quick treatment, as it is non-invasive, and within thirty minutes, you’ll be out the door with beautiful, clear skin. The hydrafacial machine was developed by Edge Systems to deliver long-term skin health for individuals with all skin types. The thirty-minute process includes removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and extracting blackheads, and moisturizing your skin with hydrating collagen-stimulating serums.


Pixel Treatments


We offer Pixel treatments, which are the Gold Standard in laser acne removal and laser scar removal. Pixel treatments are used to resurface the skin and remove any damaged skin cells while returning the affected area to its original state of health. The non-ablative Pixel skin rejuvenation procedure produces gradual improvements to acne scarring and stimulates collagen production, which in turn helps smooth out the texture of any scar tissue.


Book a free consultation at Light Touch Med Spa in Mississauga for more information on treating blackheads with IPL, Pixel and laser skin resurfacing, or perhaps a relaxing hydrafacial. Contact us by clicking here, or by calling our toll free line at: 1-888-954-2667.

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