Electrolysis Vs Diode Hair Removal

Just ten years ago, many people opted to undergo shaving and waxing, instead of laser hair removal, as the technology at the time could produce painful treatments, with less effective results. But thanks to the past decade of innovation and the creation of ground-breaking technology, laser hair removal has never been so painless and effective! But when it comes to hair removal, what’s the difference between the electrolysis method versus the diode method of removal? In this article by LightTouch Med Spa, we will be discussing the treatment approach of electrolysis versus the diode method of hair removal at our Milton clinic, so please keep reading to learn more.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

When undergoing the electrolysis method of hair removal, a tiny probe is inserted into each individual hair follicle, whereby heat is administered to the base of the follicle, destroying its ability to grow. Tweezers are then used to pull out the hair of each treated follicle. All areas on the body can be treated in this way. Depending on the size of the application area, sessions can last a long time, as each individual hair has to be treated and can cause a more severe reaction for the patient.

Diode Hair Removal

The diode method, on the other hand, can treat a large section of hair in no time at all. At LightTouch, it is this treatment type that is offered at our Milton clinic, and our other facilities, as we utilize the Soprano™ laser system to produce safe and effective results, at the best price for all of our patients. Our highly skilled and trained medical practitioners will use the handheld laser tip, attached to the system, to administer energy onto the dermis. Our staff are always moving and sweeping this laser tip across the site of treatment, as a high repetition of short pulses of laser energy hit the dermis and comfortably heat up and destroy a large group of hair follicles all at once, without harming the surrounding tissue.

The Differences In Approach

Many looked to electrolysis for hair removal as it used to be the only method that could treat and remove all hair types, but this is not the case anymore. With the use of the Soprano™ system, our facility boasts cutting-edge technology that can now treat all hair colours and types! Larger areas of the body can be treated in a more efficient manner, with the use of this laser system, letting our patients get back to their day’s activities sooner than if they had to undergo electrolysis hair removal. The diode method also offers a more comfortable application, and minimal downtime, in comparison to electrolysis treatments, which can be painful and can take up to three weeks of downtime!

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