How to Fix Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a common occurrence, as patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. This can happen for many reasons including sun damage, inflammation, and other skin injuries, such as acne scarring, mostly happening due to an increase in melanin production. If it can be easily developed, then how does one go about reversing the effects you may ask? At LightTouch Med Spa we offer a multitude of treatments that can help Orlando residents obtain an even skin tone.

Slight Hyperpigmentation

For cases of melanin discoloration that are noticeable but not overly so, we advise the use of our HydraFacial treatments. This noninvasive machine cleans pores while dousing the area in a moisturizing and collagen inducing serum that helps to even out skin tone and fade darker spots. It can even be used in conjunction with our other methods below for improved results.

Minimal to Moderate Discoloration

Sun discoloration and less intense hyperpigmentation can be treated using the IPL method. IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is the treatment approach of using light-based energy pulsed out in multiple wavelengths across the skin, targeting the pigmentation of the blood vessels, lifting it up and out. IPL treatments can treat a larger area that has a slightly higher level of melanin than the surrounding area.

Severe Hyperpigmentation

For severe cases of pigment discoloration, our fractional, non-ablative resurfacing treatments will do the trick to even out your skin tone. As this is the most powerful option available, it works in much the same way as IPL, delivering light energy into the skin and thus being absorbed by the darker melanin, but with stronger laser technology.

For our skin resurfacing treatments, our facility uses the state-of-the-art Harmony XL Pro™ laser system from the Alma brand of lasers. It is FDA approved and offers the proven effectiveness of an ablative approach, the method in which removes the outer layer of skin entirely, with the comfort and convenience of non-ablative methods, whereby only small columns of skin are removed while leaving the surrounding areas untouched. This allows for treatments that offer the desired result, erasing more stubborn pigmentation from the skin, without the painful application.

This laser technology stimulates the production of collagen in the targeted areas while promoting absorption of the produced collagen in the surrounding, untouched areas. This versatile method can be used to target your face, neck, chest, arms, and hands to produce a more youthful and even skin tone on the most severe pigmentation.

Results and After Care

After undergoing just one of the treatments above, depending on the severity of your discoloration, your skin can have a more even tone. However, to gain the most out of these treatments, especially the resurfacing method, we advise 3 to 8 sessions, spaced out at approximately 3-week intervals, depending on the results desired.

Skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation, even if it has been treated, is more likely to see a return of dark marks in the future. Therefore, the proper aftercare will help minimize future damage to the skin. This includes avoiding triggers- use acne medication, and protect yourself against sun damage by using sunscreen, wearing hats, and staying out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

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