Shine a Light on the Dark Circles Under Your Eye with LightTouch

Those sleepless nights and restless days can cause long-lasting adverse effects on our bodies- not only will we feel more tired, but it can be read plainly on our faces just how exhausted and stressed we are. If you struggle with hiding the dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep, an abundance of stress, and other underlying factors, than LightTouch Med Spa can help

Read on to learn how LightTouch can aid you in your quest for under eye treatments!

The Causation
When it comes to the dark circles under your eyes, there may be more to blame than just lack of sleep and heightened stress levels. Outside factors such as excessive tobacco and alcohol use, as well as overexposure to the sun, can all add to the development of under eye circles.

There are also factors out of our control that contribute to the appearance of unwanted eye bags, including the thickness of your skin, the size of your blood vessels and your pigmentation, things directly related to our genetic makeup. These dark patches under the eye develop more easily in older people, due to the fact that as we age, we lose the elasticity in our skin, resulting in pronounced under eye circles.

The Treatments
Depending on the causation of the dark circles under your eyes, the treatment method will change. There are multiple ways LightTouch Med Spa can help you lessen the dark circles under your eyes, whether you decide to visit our Markham location to receive laser treatments, injectable fillers, or to obtain eye cream products, our facility is well equipped to help you!

For mild cases of dark bags under the eye, we advise the use of dark circle eye cream by Vivier Skin Care. This topical cream, rich in Vitamin K, a vitamin with known capabilities of lessening dark under eye circles, can be paired with our other treatments for best results.

For severe cases of under eye bags, LightTouch Med Spa offers Markham residents the choice of laser eye vein treatments to eradicate the dark circles under their eyes. This treatment uses the Yag 1064 Alma laser to administer a beam of energy that will cauterize broken spider veins, reduce puffiness, and eliminate fluid caused by broken capillaries.

Results May Vary

We also offer injectable fillers for under the eye to replenish lost fluid in the area, stimulate collagen production, and leave your skin looking smoother and more voluminous than before.

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