Fillers-Up: How to Obtain Kissable Lips


In 2018 Kylie Jenner broke a record for becoming the youngest billionaire in the world- not only that, her influence can be felt throughout the cosmetic industry as she brought lip injections to the front pages of tabloids and fashion magazines alike. As the mouth became the main focus of the face, fuller, plumper lips have become the eye-catching, sensual game changer in the latest beauty trends of today. If you are interested in making your lips as plump, beautiful, and kiss-worthy as ever, LightTouch Med Spa offers Vaughan, and the GTA area, the best fillers on the market!

Read on to learn how fillers work to make your lips looking voluptuous and inviting.


Stylage®, the next generation filler, has their very own Special Lip Filler line that was specifically designed for the delicate and sensitive area of the body. It only takes one procedure to see plumper and more defined, lips. This product is available with local lidocaine for maximum comfort. The results of Stylage filler are soft, healthy and well-hydrated lips.


Juvederm®, the number one brand of fillers in Canada, and administered worldwide, can be used to plump the lips. Predictably, thinning lips are a common manifestation of an ageing body.
Juvederm® injections, as well as smoothing away wrinkles, can also plump up lips, giving them a fuller, yet natural, appearance of youth.


Restylane® fillers are the perfect injection for the face and your mouth that works to restore, enhance, and refresh the look of your skin and your lips. Their line of Enhance products, including Restylane® Kysse was created to improve the natural shape of the lip by adding volume and contouring for a balanced and natural looking fuller mouth.

Results may vary


Receive fuller, plumper, lips when you visit one of our LightTouch Med Spa facilities for your filler injections today. We offer an array of products, all safe and FDA approved, that will leave your lips looking as pouty or as sultry as you would like.

All fillers, no matter which brand you choose, are administered by a qualified and fully certified technician at LightTouch Med Spa, so Vaughan residents are sure to be placed in safe and trusting hands.

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Kylie Jenner isn’t the only celebrity benefitting from fuller, plumper lips from filler injections. Join the likes of Megan Fox, Nicole Kidman, Heidi Montag, Jessica Simpson, Iggy Azalea, and many other A-list celebrities in the voluptuous results of lip fillers!

To see if fillers are right for you, LightTouch Med Spa invites Vaughan residents to contact us online and book a free consultation to discuss your options with one of our professional and certified practitioners today!


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