HydraFacial™ Mississauga – 3 Major Benefits

Not only is the HydraFacial™ an incredibly relaxing treatment, but the HydraFacial™ has 3 major benefits that all Mississauga residents should know about! If you’re looking to enhance your skincare routine, this is a treatment that you don’t want to miss out on.

Benefit #1: The HydraFacial™ protects the skin from free radical damage

What are free radicals?

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Free radicals are singular electrons that seek out other electrons in the body to become a pair, which causes damage to cells, proteins, and DNA*. Free radicals are associated with diseases such as cancer, and also have a link to aging. Free radicals can be found in foods we eat as well as medicines and even the air that we breathe. Circadia Protect Plus™, a booster developed to be used with The Hydrafacial™ is a treatment that protects the skin from free radicals found in the air we breathe and the water that we put on our skin. The Protec Plus Booster™ delivers ultimate hydration, protection, and instant plumping of fine lines and wrinkles as it is comprised of 6 different forms of hyaluronic acid. To learn more about this booster, click here.


Benefit #2: The Hydrafacial™ brightens, tones, and firms

One of the 3 major benefits Mississauga clients find with the Hydrafacial™ is the ability to brighten, tone, and firm the skin through the use of its gentle suction and serum boosters. For example, the eye replenishing serum made by Hydrafacial™ improves skin hydration and gently removes the surface layer of dead skin cells. High quality ingredients such as Avena Sativa (oat) kernel extract, Arnica Montana flower extract, and Mucor Miehei extract are used in this gentle yet powerful booster. This plant-based serum is vegan friendly and helps with anti-aging thanks to its skin-smoothing properties. The Mucor Miehei extract also provides skin smoothness, clarity, and overall brightness and skin hydration. Click here to learn more about this small but mighty booster.


Benefit #3: The Hydrafacial™ hydrates the skin!

According to The Hydrafacial™ Company, hydration is the foundation of healthy, radiant skin. The Hydrafacial™ s a hydrating and non-irritating treatment. It is a time efficient approach to skin care that requires no downtime. Our team at LightTouch Med Spa™ has truly mastered the art of the Hydrafacial™, and we’ll have you in and out in only 30 minutes! Not only will we remove debris from your pores in a way that is noninvasive and painless, but this treatment will nourish your skin with powerful moisturizers.


Who is this treatment for?

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The Hydrafacial™ is for people with all skin types, people of all ages, and people of all backgrounds. If you are looking for a gentle, non-invasive approach to skincare, the Hydrafacial™ is for you. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to enhance the overall appearance of your skin before an important event, or you’re simply looking to treat yourself, this is a treatment that you don’t want to miss out on!

For more information on the Hydrafacial™ in Mississauga and the 3 major benefits, book a free consultation at LightTouch Med Spa™ by clicking here or calling our toll-free line at: 1-888-954-2667.

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