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If you perspire excessively, unpredictably, and even when the temperature is cool around you, you may have a condition called hyperhidrosis. Your body maintains its normal temperature by perspiring but when excessive sweating happens without any trigger, you can become uncomfortable both physically and mentally. To remove this stressful condition from your life you should consult with a professional in Mississauga who can help you discover a treatment that helps alleviate your situation. To learn more about hyperhidrosis and the available treatments and procedures that control it, see the information below to assist you in finding relief.

Tests and Exams

One of the first steps that a professional at a medical spa will take is to perform some tests and exams to diagnose your excessive perspiring. These can include a paper test, a blood test, or the use of starch-iodine to determine the amount of sweat your glands are producing. Any of these strategies can provide the doctor with ample information to use in the treatment of your condition. He may also ask you about where you are experiencing excessive sweating, when it happens, what seems to trigger this sweating, and any other conditions that you may have that indicate hyperhidrosis. Some other symptoms of hyperhidrosis can be sudden weight loss, clammy hands, a pounding heartbeat, reduced appetite, or a mild fever. As with all medical conditions, be sure to be completely honest and forthcoming with the details that you have noticed.

Diagnosis of Hyperhidrosis

When the doctor has made a diagnosis, you can visit the Light Touch Medical Spa for your treatment of hyperhidrosis in Mississauga. You will want to learn as much about the trained professionals on staff and how the medical spa conducts treatments and business professionally. If you can speak with former clients or read testimonials you’ll feel much more comfortable with having your diagnosis addressed by the team.


There are different methods of treatment that you will be offered depending upon the severity of your condition. From medicines that prevent sweat gland stimulation to a sympathectomy which turns off signals to the glands you must use the expertise of your doctor to help you determine which method of treatment will work the best for you. Ask about trying less invasive strategies first and then moving toward other treatments if these methods don’t work.


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