Looking to put the loss in weight loss this new year in the Vaughan area?

As the end of the holiday season winds down, many of us are weighing up ourselves to see just how much damage our overindulgence has caused us. If you have found yourself feeling overstuffed with the New Year and looking for a way to lose some of that holiday weight, than LightTouch Med Spa has the perfect treatment for Vaughan residents.

Continue to read through our post to learn how our treatments could help you start 2019 off feeling rejuvenated and more yourself than ever before.

The Treatment
As part of any weight loss regiment, the means can be just as significant as the final results. That’s why LightTouch Med Spa offers weight loss treatments using Lipolysis Injections so you can be sure that our means for facilitating weight loss are just as safe and reliable as other forms out there in the Vaughan area.

Lipolysis injections essentially break down fat molecules into smaller particles, crumbling the cells from within and flushing them from your system. When done this way, the patient has full control over where the injections can be applied to the body to attack the fat in your specific problem areas.

All injections are administered by our internationally certified Lipolysis injector, so your treatments will be placed in trusted and experienced hands. Network-Lipolysis is used by over 1700 medical practitioners in 60 countries, making it a go to solution for those looking to rid themselves of the extra weight in those pesky problem areas.

The Results
As these injectables can be placed at your discretion, and can attack the fat cells of pinpoint areas, many surfaces of the body can benefit from this therapy.

Suitable regions for treatments with lipolysis injections include the double chin area of the facial region, and the upper arms, upper and lower belly, the back, love handles, the inside and outside of the thighs, and the lower buttocks of the body.

As little as two treatments, at intervals of 8 weeks, are needed to see satisfying results, as over 80% of cases have shown. In some instances, 4 treatments were required to see desired results.

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Therefore, if you are looking for a safe and effective weight loss therapy in the Vaughan area to help make 2019 the best year it can be, then look to LightTouch Med Spa for help.

Contact us online to schedule your free consultation with one of our certified injectors to see if these treatments are right for you!

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