Weight Loss Treatment in Vaughan 

As 2019 continues to progress, have you been running into trouble with your weight loss goals, as you just can’t seem to shrink your pesky problem areas? With five world-class facilities to choose from, Vaughan residents can obtain safe and effective weight loss injection treatments from LightTouch Med Spa. Please continue to read on to learn about this treatment and how it can help you rid yourself of those stubborn fat deposits keeping you from obtaining your New Year’s resolutions.

The Method

Weight loss injections, known as fat Lipolysis is a form of treatment whereby a solution of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid is injected into pinpoint areas of the body- at the patient’s discretion- to destroy specific fat deposits. This will essentially dissolve the fatty tissue and decrease the volume in the problem areas. The demolished fat cells are then drained out of the body safely through the lymphatic system, which helps to eliminate the body’s waste.

It is thanks to this injection method that people can obtain minimally invasive alternative therapy for decreasing minor fat deposits on the body safely and effectively. With total control over where the injections are placed, patients can choose to have Lipolysis administered to the double chin area of the facial region, as well as the upper arms, upper and lower belly, back, love handles, thighs, and lower buttocks of the body.

A Safe Approach

This form of treatment has developed into an integral part of aesthetic medicine, as it is practiced around the world. Because of its popularity and high volume of administration, a group of professional physicians created NETWORK-Lipolysis to share their knowledge, training, and effective practices, developing an internationally recognized standard of treatment and supported protocol system. It is this NETWORK-Lipolysis that is used here at LightTouch Med Spa as a means to achieve the safest form of treatment, with optimal results for our Vaughan patients and clients across the board.

The Results

No two bodies are the same so no two results will be the same either, as we take each case in turn. Results will vary, as some people may only need 2 treatments to see the desired results, while others may need 4. Treatments are scheduled at 8-week intervals to allow for the draining of the destroyed fat tissue from your body by way of the lymphatic system. Receiving weight loss injections will also provide you with a less conspicuous transformation, as results progress over time, so you can reap the benefits without answering any invasive questions from others.



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At LightTouch Med Spa, we put the safety and comforts of all of our clients first. For this reason, we offer all potential clients a free consultation where they will be able to discuss their preferred treatments, such as weight loss injections, with one of our trained and knowledgeable members of staff. At this time you will be able to ask any questions you may have and receive the desired information before scheduling your appointment.

Vaughan residents interested in this consultation should look to one of our five facilities to administer this amazing treatment, so you can reach your weight loss goal and New Year’s resolution! Please contact us online and fill out our contact form to get your free weight loss consultation underway today!


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