Shed Your Winter Coat with Laser Hair Removal at our new LightTouch Markham Facility

With the onset of January and the slow creeping cold of Canadian winter setting in, many of us are donning more layers of clothing, while relegating our razors to the back of the bathroom cabinet, where they will stay until frantically fished out for that special occasion or tropical vacation. Sidestep that seasonal routine of ridding yourself of that pesky winter coat of hair when you visit a LightTouch Med Spa location to receive the best laser hair removal treatments in the Markham area.

Read on to learn more about LightTouch Med Spa and our laser hair removal treatments!

Safe and Effective
With our newly opened and state-of-the-art Markham facility, you can obtain reliable, effective, and affordable laser hair removal, so you can avoid being caught out in your winter coat! One session usually lasts thirty minutes, is relatively pain-free, and has zero downtime afterwards.

This is all thanks to the Soprano Laser by Alma, FDA and Health Canada approved, a technologically advanced system that works on patients of all ages, skin types, hair types, and most hair colours. What makes the Soprano stand apart from other laser hair removal systems, is the laser tip’s ability to continually move in a sweeping motion across the skin, allowing for a consistent and gentle deliverance of the laser energy to the skin and hair follicles.

The unique capabilities of the Soprano Laser system guarantee smooth, non-irritated skin, with hair removal that lasts. Enlist LightTouch Med Spa for all of your laser hair removal needs, visit our Markham location, and safely and effectively get rid of hair on your legs, arms, bikini lines, underarms, face, and neck area!

Results May Vary

Permanent Removal
Our laser hair removal treatments offer lasting results, as the laser obliterates the hair follicle until it can no longer work to grow hair. Reduction in hair can be seen after just one treatment. To obtain the best results possible, typically 6 to 8 procedures are necessary to damage all of the follicles. More may be needed if you have a darker hair type.

It is estimated that, on average, that in a woman’s lifetime, she will spend 58.4 days on shaving alone. Save yourself some of that valuable time and book your laser hair removal treatment at our newly opened LightTouch Med Spa facility in Markham!

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Skip out on the mad dash to find your razor this winter season, and visit our newly opened Markham location at LightTouch Med Spa for your laser hair removal treatments instead!

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