Questions to Ask of Juvederm Kitchener Professionals

When you have wrinkles, worry lines, or folds that you want removed from your face you should explore your options with Juvederm injections that improve and freshen up your appearance. This gel filler is used by professionals to smooth out wrinkles with a natural look that gives you more self-confidence and assurance that you are looking your absolute best. Juvederm also includes Lidocaine which provides comfort to you during the process. Let’s look at some questions that you should ask as you learn more about this excellent solution to the aging process.

How does Juvederm service in Kitchener work?

The Juvederm Kitchener professionals will tell you that this filler has an ample supply of hyaluronic acid that helps to strengthen up the volume and structure of your face. Those worry lines and smile creases at the corners of your eyes can be decreased with this effective and safe way of replenishing your skin to a more youthful and healthy appearance.

Where can Juvederm be used?

Juvederm is designed to be injected below the outer layers of your skin so that moderate or severe wrinkles and folds can be corrected. Particular areas include the corner of your mouth, aging or thin lips, or areas around the bottom of your nose. At your initial consultation you should ask for an evaluation and recommendation for what will help you to achieve the look that you want to have.

How long will a Juvederm injection last?

As is the case with other cosmetic treatments, much depends on the severity of your condition. On average Juvederm injections last for about a year in the area of your nose but only six months for lip treatments. This is because of a higher flow of blood around the lips. You should note that touch-ups can be done at any time once your first treatment has been completed. Be sure to discuss this with your professional.

Is this treatment safe?

Since Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in your body, it can dissolve naturally and become integrated in the tissues. It’s a very safe procedure with minimal side-effects that will deliver the fresh, new look that you want almost immediately. As with all other cosmetic treatments, you should talk with your doctor before you schedule any procedure. You must also share the current medications that you are on so that no complications will occur during or after your treatment.

What restrictions will you have to observe after your treatment?

Your professional clinician will ask you to avoid strenuous exercise, drinking alcoholic beverages, and long exposure to the sun or heat. Since you have invested in the Juvederm experience you should pay special attention to all of the restrictions that are given to you so that you can protect your new face. Be sure to ask when you can resume these activities without impacting your treatment.

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