What to Discuss with Your Doctor about Injections of Juvederm in Waterloo

Because you want to be an educated consumer, it’s important that you discuss every aspect of any cosmetic treatments that you are having done with your professional. One of the areas on which you want to spend ample time is the safety issues and precautions that you will need to know before you appointment is scheduled. Use the list below to learn what types of information your clinician should be aware of before any injection is performed.

  1. Are you pregnant or do you plan to breastfeed? Your Juvederm Waterloo professional will advise you about the ingredients in the injection and when you can safely have your injection.
  2. What is your age? More and more patients under the age of 18 are beginning to alter their appearance with injections as well as older patients over 65 who want to regain their youthful look. Ask your clinician if there are any risks for someone of your age having Juvederm injections.
  3. Where will you be able to see positive effects of Juvederm injections? If you have facial wrinkles, folds, or need changes to your lip or forehead area ask your clinician if Juvederm will be effective. If your hands are beginning to look aged, inquire about treatments available for this part of your body.
  4. Do you have excessive scarring, pigmentation disorders, or keloid formations? You will want to know what the result of an injection of Juvederm in Waterloo will be.
  5. If you have additional cosmetic treatments be sure to discuss these with your clinician and ask about how they will interact with Juvederm injections. Be specific if you have scheduled either chemical peels or laser treatments so that you can avoid any inflammation and reactions that can result.
  6. Have you had a skin injury in the area where you will be injected? You should explain what happened to the clinician and ask if this increases your change for side-effects.
  7. One of the areas you should discuss is infection. Immunosuppressive therapy can increase your risk and should be thoroughly explained to you before any injection is schedule.
  8. Are you currently taking medications that thins your blood? They can increase bleeding or bruising where the injection is made so make sure that you reveal any of these medications to your clinician.
  9. What are the special instructions that you will have to follow once the injection has been made? Can you sunbathe? Can you consume alcoholic beverages or engage in strenuous exercise? Make sure that you know exactly the actions that you can and cannot do before you have the injection so that you will not experience complications that impact your personal or professional life or the quality of your injection.



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