Laser Hair Removal  For Men

Listen up Men! Laser hair removal is not just for ladies anymore.  It has now become the top non-surgical cosmetic procedure for the under 35 crowd for BOTH men and women.  Men of all ages, from 15-70 are commonly receiving laser hair removal treatments.  At our clinic, almost 50% of our laser hair removal treatments are done on men which is a major change in demographics from just 5 years ago.

For those of you wondering how laser hair removal works, it targets the melanin (the dark pigment that gives hair its color), as the melanin absorbs the laser’s light, the resulting heat basically kills the surrounding hair follicles. For males it’s a popular solution for excessive hair on the back, chest, neck, and abdomen as well as the face.

Male laser hair removal has traditionally been associated with athletes—Swimmers, cyclists, and bodybuilders who felt that body hair can slow down or hinder their performance. Now, men from all walks of life are enjoying the benefits of laser hair removal.  Men are also pursuing laser hair removal to please or attract the ladies.   The bottom line is many women don’t find body hair attractive; laser hair removal might bring a certain level of increased sexual confidence.

But it’s not all about vanity or image. Sometimes men who undergo laser hair removal treatments just want a cleaner, well groomed appearance minus the hassle that comes with it. Here’s a perfect example: Laser hair removal on the neckline can actually cut down the number of haircuts a man requires over the course of a year. Most often, the reason for a haircut in the first place is to get rid of the “scruff” around the neck. So, imagine what it would be like to remove that hair permanently?

Some men are hindered by skin rashes and ingrown hairs from excessive hair, shaving only irritates this further, while laser hair removal resolves these issues, creating a smooth, more youthful skin texture.

If you have any questions about hair removal for men such as hair removal prices or areas of the body that can be treated, please contact us. One of our knowledgeable staff would be happy to assist your with your questions, and arrange your complimentary consultation with a laser hair removal specialist at one of three clinics in Mississauga, Oakville or Etobicoke.

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