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With winter finally making its slow retreat in the wake of springtime, the sun is back, and the snow is melting, showing us it is almost time to shed our winter layers, as balmier weather is on the horizon. As this new season comes upon us, now is the time to schedule a laser hair removal treatment to get ready for the impending shorts weather! Waterloo residents looking to receive professional and safe laser hair removal near them should visit our local facility at LightTouch Med Spa today! Please read on to learn the many benefits of laser hair removal this spring.

Save Time

Much of our schedules are taken up by responsibilities, errands, social outings, hobbies, and the like, that making time for less critical, and monotonous things, such as shaving your unwanted body hair, can be an arduous and consuming task. Free up your weekly time thanks to our professional laser hair removal treatments, and get back to enjoying the finer things in life this spring. Not only will you save time on shaving, but procedures are quick and efficient too, letting you return to your busy schedule as soon as the laser system is turned off!

Cost Effective

You may pay a more significant sum upfront for laser treatments than you otherwise would for weekly shaving, or waxing, but the ongoing costs of other hair removal remedies add up in the long run. The overall, long-term, savings of a few laser treatments is much more cost effective than a lifetime of buying shaving and waxing products!

Few Downsides

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive treatment, meaning there is little to no downtime for clients after their appointments. The laser we use at LightTouch is the Soprano™ laser, as it offers safe and effective results, at the best price for our clients, making this relatively painless treatment a more comfortable experience, during and afterwards, over a waxing session.

Avoid Ingrown Hairs

Noticing ingrown hairs on your body is never a fun thing to experience. They can be painful, annoying, and unsightly, and can be hard to get rid of. With laser treatments, the risk of ingrown hairs is significantly reduced, in comparison to shaving or waxing. These treatments are great for people with sensitive skin who experience irritation after other forms of hair removal., as the laser system comes equipped with patented DualChill™ mechanism to ensure the patient’s skin stays cool and comfortable during treatments.

No Awkward hair Growth Stages

There are no awkward stages of hair growth when it comes to laser treatments. Unlike that stretch of hair growth that has to be left alone before a waxing appointment, you can continue to shave, and remain fuzz-free, in between appointments.

Precise and Effective

The Soprano™ laser works by emitting beams of highly concentrated light energy that selectively targets the pigment in hair, penetrating into the hair follicles and destroying it. This breakthrough hair removal technology uses a solid-state laser known to create a better energy absorption by the melanin chromophore than other laser types on the market, providing an all over ideal solution for the broadest range of hair types and colours! With such precision, this laser can perform hair removal treatments on legs, back, underarms, bikini line, stomach, facial region, and wherever you feel that you have unwanted hair growth!

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To learn more about the diverse benefits of laser hair removal treatments at LightTouch Med Spa, schedule a free consultation at our Waterloo facility to discuss treatments and options with one of our highly trained and professional members of staff. Click here to contact one of our locations near you, and obtain smooth, hairless skin, this spring season.

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