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Laser Hair Removal has now been around for many years, and yet every day we speak to a new client who is just looking into it for the first time.

What makes laser hair removal different today from years ago?

Firstly, the newer lasers, are far more efficient than years prior and there is now minimal risk of any potential burns, or injury to the skin.

Secondly, today’s generation of lasers are near to painless and get rid of unwanted hair in fewer treatments and in most cases with less treatments.

Our Soprano lasers, and we now have three of them; two in our Mississauga clinic and one in our Oakville clinic.  These lasers manufactured by Alma Lasers, are designed and built in Israel, home of the very first laser hair removal device.  This laser is FDA and CSA certified which means, it has all the clinical trials and papers to prove it works!

We’ve treated over 5000 clients to date, and have years of expertise in laser hair removal in Mississauga and Oakville areas and the safe and effective treatment of most non surgical skin care treatments.  Many clinics across the GTA offer laser hair removal, however, few of them, offer our quality of care.

Laser Hair removal is not rocket science but you spend a lot of money on your favorite hair stylist and dentist, you should also use that same care in selecting who is going to successfully remove your hair without risk to you or your skin.

A few important points to remember:

– laser hair removal works best on dark hair, so if you have light blonde hair, red hair or white hair, this treatment is not likely for you

– tanning while being treated is permitted but it’s best to stay out of the sun or reduce sun exposure

– men generally require more treatments than females due to elevated hormone and testosterone levels

– genetics have a lot to do with treatment success.  There are similarities we see by culture in terms of number of treatments required.  If your culture typically is prone to excess hair, thick and black, than you too will carry those genes, and will require more treatments than those cultures who have thinner, lighter body hair.

– pregnant woman cannot be treated, or at least it is not highly recommended.  Stop treatment once you’ve learned of pregnancy.


Male or female, old or young, many people of all ages are getting rid of unwanted hair through laser hair removal treatments.

Shouldn’t you be one of them?

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