Laser Skin Resurfacing Oakville

Making Your Skin Beautiful Again

If you’ve experienced acne, spent excessive amounts of time tanning in Oakville, or have scars, lines, or wrinkles on your skin you may want to consider a treatment that can restore your young and healthy look. One of the most successful ways to achieve the skin tone and appearance that you want is to have laser skin resurfacing so that your skin will be tighter and will feature a younger appearing surface. When looking and feeling good is important to you, consider the points below as you dream of a youthful appearance that adds zest to your life.

Laser Resurfacing Preparation

Of course you’ll want to discuss in detail the procedure for laser skin resurfacing in Oakville that you’ll be receiving with the Light Touch Professional who will be doing the work. It’s important to establish that the procedure will give you the results that you want. Don’t take medications before your treatments, stop smoking, and ask if you need to take any antibiotics in preparation for your resurfacing treatment. The Light Touch esthetician will have a list of instructions that you can follow in the days leading up to your procedure.

What to Expect                                                                                 

Ask how long the resurfacing treatment will last, if you will receive any anesthetic, and if you will have any pain after it’s over. You can expect some swelling which is normal and you’ll have to keep the treated area clean post-treatment. Using petroleum jelly will prevent scabs and will keep your face moist and comfortable. You’ll want to apply it about five times per day or as your esthetician orders. Another suggestion that can help to prevent more swelling in the eye area is to use an additional pillow at night to keep your head elevated.

Skin Care after Laser Resurfacing

After your resurfacing procedure has healed you’ll always want to use protective sunscreen to help keep your skin looking beautiful. You should wear a hat when outside and always wear clothing that protects your body from the harmful rays of the sun. You should keep your skin moisturized with a quality product; your aesthetician can recommend skin care products that will give you the optimum look that you want. If you have questions about skin care products make sure that you consult your expert so that you’ll only use those items that keep your skin glowing and looking naturally beautiful.

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