Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

When we outgrow things, whether it be clothing, a hobby, or even a person, we say goodbye to them and move on with our lives. But what happens when we want to rid ourselves of something that has become a part of us? If you would like to say goodbye to your tattoo once and for all than LightTouch Med Spa can! Markham residents interested in eradicating their ink piece can read on to learn the factors that decide your overall laser tattoo removal cost.

Laser Technology

At all of our LightTouch facilities, we use the Alma brand of lasers to perform our laser tattoo removal treatments. The Alma brand offers the highest degree of safety and effectiveness, by way of state-of-the-art laser technology, that produces the best results on the market, at the best price for our patients. The Alma Harmony system uses a ‘q-switched, Nd:YAG’ laser, which emits specific light wavelengths onto the tattooed skin. This light energy is absorbed by the tattoo, heating up the ink, causing it to break down into tiny little pieces. These fragments are then naturally flushed out by the body by way of the lymphatic system. For this reason, laser treatments will need to be performed at least four to six weeks apart, to allow enough time for your body to flush out these particles.

Cost-Related Factors

Many mitigating factors go into the overall cost of laser tattoo removal treatments. To obtain your ink, you may have undergone multiple sessions, the same will be needed for the tattoo’s removal. The ink is layered into the skin; therefore each treatment will continually work to dissolve each layer of ink, with your body flushing away the particles in the following weeks afterwards. Sessions can cost as little as $100 per laser treatment, but it will revolve around the size, colours, age, and ink density of the tattoo, as below.


Our medical practitioners will categorize the size of your tattoo to help decide the overall cost of your treatments. Small tattoos are generally 2 inches by 2 inches, medium tattoos approximately 4 inches by 4 inches, and large tattoos are typically given a custom price per session.


Age plays a big roll in the number of laser treatments needed, as a newer tattoo will have to undergo more sessions than an older tattoo. When a tattoo ages, the ink sinks deeper into the skin, making them appear ‘faded.’ The laser system has an easier time breaking down the aged ink over newer ink, for this reason.


The colours of your tattoo will drastically change the number of sessions needed to eradicate it from the skin. Darker, more visible shades, are actually easier to remove, than lighter colours, as the laser’s wavelengths can break apart the darker pigment quicker. Therefore, if your tattoo consists of black and darker hued ink, you will need all-over fewer sessions than a tattoo that uses orange, yellow, pink, light green and light blue colours.

Ink Density

Ink pieces that are less dense, and use more shading, are quicker to remove than those with thick, dark lines. Shading is easily removed because it is less dense, resulting in fewer sessions, however denser darker areas need more treatments to be totally broken down and removed.

Free Consultation

To deliver the best quality care possible, we extend a free consultation to all of our potential clients, to discuss the desired treatment and results. Upon your no-cost meeting with one of our trained medical practitioners, they will have a look at your tattoo, and take into account these factors mentioned above, informing you the best approach to its removal, including the number of sessions needed and the overall costs to see them performed.

Upon completion of the consultation, Markham residents and potential clients will have a better understanding of their laser tattoo removal cost and how many treatments will be needed to say goodbye to their ink. To schedule your session today, please contact LightTouch Med Spa.

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