LightTouch Underlines the Importance of Under Eye Treatment in Markham

When under eye bags are as easily read on your face as the frontlines of a newspaper, it may be an indication of skin damage sustained from one or multiple underlying factors. Exhaustion, stress, genetics and other outside factors, can all affect the development of dark patches under the eyes. If the circles under your eyes are becoming as thick and apparent as the headlines of the Markham Newspaper, LightTouch Med Spa provides laser treatments to offset the damage!

Continue to read through this post to find out how our newly opened Markham facility is well equipped to handle your under eye treatments.

Laser Eye Vein Treatment
Severe cases of under eye circles can be treated by our Laser Eye Vein Treatment here at LightTouch Med Spa in the Markham area. Dark circles may have appeared under your eyes from genetic causes, or ageing, resulting in broken spider veins or capillaries, and puffiness.

Using the Yag 1064 Laser system by Alma Lasers, our practitioners can harness the energy of the machine to cauterize the broken spider veins, eliminating the fluid and reducing puffiness all at the same time. This laser treatment is quick, effective, and painless, with no downtime needed!

Injectable Fillers
Here at LightTouch Med Spa, our newly opened Markham location is fully equipped to provide top of the line fillers brands, such as Botox ®, Dysport ®, Juvederm ®, and Restylane ®, to help in the eradication of under eye bags. When injected into the skin, these fillers work to smooth away wrinkles, even skin tone, and add volume by stimulating the production of collagen in our bodies.

By administering filler to the under eye area by way of injection, this form of treatment will work to replenish the lost fluid in the skin and bring about a more even skin tone complexion, so you will look well rested, and more energized than you did before entering LightTouch!

With certified injectionists on staff, our team is highly qualified and fully prepared to handle your injections safely and professionally. Fillers are a great way to negate the effects of under-eye bags from genetics, ageing, stress, and exhaustion.

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Relegate your under eye circles to the Wanted pages of the Markham Newspaper, with treatments facilitated by LightTouch Med Spa!

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