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When it comes to undergoing cosmetic treatments to gain the aesthetic you have always desired, only a professional will do. If you are looking for a med spa near you in the Orlando area that can perform safe and effective treatments at a high-quality facility, then we here at LightTouch Med Spa can help. Our newly opened facility offers the latest technology in the cosmetic industry to aid our clients in achieving the results they have always dreamed of. Please read on to learn more about our company and what sets us above the competition!

Extensive Services

Our med spa is well equipped to provide clients with a wide range of cosmetic treatments and procedures. We offer a high-quality selection of Injectables and fillers from the best brands on the market, including BotoxⓇ, DysportⓇ, JuvedermⓇ, RestylaneⓇ, EmervelⓇ, and StylageⓇ, as well as fat lipolysis injections. Platelet-rich plasma facials and hair loss treatments are also provided for a great way to stimulate hair growth and aid in the body’s tissue regeneration.

We also offer an extensive list of laser treatments including Laser Hair Removal, Laser Scar Removal, Laser Skin Resurfacing (Pixel), Radio Frequency Body-Contouring Treatments, Laser Vein Treatments, Laser Tattoo Removal, and Laser Skin Tightening and Weight Loss treatments.

The Latest & Safest Technology

With so many laser treatments offered at our world-class spa facilities, we only use the Alma brand of lasers to facilitate these treatments as they provide the most advanced technology in the cosmetic industry, with a safe application process and effective results, all at the best price possible for our clients. All of our laser treatments are FDA and CSA approved, and every one of our practitioners is specially trained on the use of these laser systems to bring the best of our med spa to you.

Customer-Oriented Approach

The comfort and safety of our clients are first and foremost in our minds here at LightTouch. For this reason, we will always offer a free consultation with potential clients before they undergo any treatments. We extend this no-commitment no-cost meeting to our customers so that they can find out all of the details surrounding their desired treatment, allowing them to make an informed decision about whether or not it is right for them. Our nurse practitioners are highly knowledgeable and skilled, so they can answer all the questions you may have, and facilitate the highest quality treatments to help you obtain the results you have always yearned for.

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Overall, if you are looking for a professional med spa near you in the Orlando area, than LightTouch Med Spa should be your first choice. Our staff would be happy to help you achieve the aesthetic you want, safely, effectively, and at a great price for you.

If you are interested in our extensive services, then please click here to find our contact information and schedule your free consultation today!

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