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LightTouch is a Med Spa in Orlando that has been serving clients across North America for more than fifteen years. With that much experience comes a level of expertise that is difficult to match.

We maintain a hygienic, inviting, modern atmosphere at all med spa Orlando locations, as it is our mission to make you feel welcomed and comfortable. We want you to have the ultimate spa experience, which is why we believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. Your care is of the utmost importance to us, in addition to your skincare and beauty goals.


Advanced Laser Skincare Treatments

Our team at LightTouch Med Spa Orlando uses technology by Alma Lasers. We use the Alma-Q for skin pigmentation and tattoo removal treatments. The Alma-Q is also known as the Nd:Yag 1064 or the Q-Switch. The Q-Switched laser is the most effective method for eliminating hyperpigmentation and tattoos while minimizing the risk of damaging surrounding tissue. This laser delivers acoustic shock waves in order to target specific areas at a high intensity in ultra-short nanosecond pulses. This method creates controlled wounds through thermal damage and coagulation to the surrounding tissue. Click here for more information on our technology.


Intense Pulsed Light Treatments

IPL treatments, commonly known as photo rejuvenation treatments effectively treat skin conditions such as roscia, acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and rashes. IPL technology emits short bursts of a powerful, polychromatic light that penetrate below the surface of the skin in order to target melanin or blood vessels, depending on the type of treatment. The light destroys the melanin or blood vessels and thus destroys things like age spots, spider veins, and acne symptoms. IPL™ can also stimulate collagen production and therefore rejuvenate skin.


Our Body Contouring Technology

We use The Reform by Alma Lasers that offers patented UniPolarTM technology and uses dielectric heating achieved with an RF frequency of 40.68 MHz. The Reform sends 40.68 million transmissions per second to the tissue. Used successfully worldwide, Reform body contouring treatments are safe, effective, and suitable for any skin type. This form of treatment successfully overcomes the challenges of age-related skin imperfections, cellulite, enhances skin tone, and tightens the skin. This is a weight loss treatment that is safe, effective, and will help you feel comfortable in your own skin again!


Injectable Services Orlando

We are a med spa in Orlando that truly offers it all! Not only do we offer advanced laser skincare, including laser hair removal, but we also offer injectable treatments such as Botox™, fillers, and PRP (platelet rich plasma).

Fillers are hyaluronic acid-based injections that can help reshape the jaw line add volume to the cheeks and lips, fill in under eye hollows, and even deep lines around the mouth.. It is best to book a consultation with a well established cosmetic nurse to assess your skin and determine which options are most appropriate for you based on your age, skin type, and skincare needs.

Botox™ is one of the safest non-surgical treatments available in the medical spa industry. It is impermanent, and most patients require a repeat treatment every 3-4 months to ensure that you’re always looking your best. The beauty of Botox™ is that you can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while maintaining a natural look. Our staff are highly experienced and the most common feedback that we receive is how happy our clients are with their ability to produce natural-looking results.

For more information on treatments that we offer, click here and book a free consultation at our Orlando clinic!

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