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Questions to Ask about Nefertiti Treatment

When you want a toned and smooth neck, a lifted jaw, and a more contoured appearance you may want to explore your options with the Nefertiti treatment service. Named for the beautiful Queen Nefertiti, this procedure will rebalance the muscles in your jaw and neck area to give you a more youthful and attractive appearance. As you research how this procedure can improve your look, you may want to ask some of the important questions discussed below.

  1. How does this procedure work? To tighten and reduce the skin of your neck so that wrinkles are no longer apparent, you’ll receive a few injections along your jaw line and down your neck muscles. After only five days, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your appearance.
  2. What can you expect to see after your procedure? You will want to discuss in detail how the procedure will be performed, how long it will take, and any special care that you need to do after it has been completed. Be sure that you choose a professional who is knowledgeable about doing your Nefertiti treatment in Oakville so that you can have peace of mind and confidence in your selection. Make a list of your questions and concerns before your initial consultation so that you won’t forget any aspect of the procedure and so that you can make an educated decision about how to proceed. Ask about follow up visits, any side effects that you may experience, and share with them the details about your medical history.
  3. Is the Nefertiti neck procedure right for your needs? It’s important that you partner with a medical professional that can evaluate your neck area, determine what plan will work best for you, and that has the skills and talents to bring this plan to fruition. Ask questions about how many times per year you will have to have the treatment, what the total cost will be, and what you should do if you have concerns once the procedure has been completed.
  4. You should also ask what steps that you need to take to prepare for your Nefertiti treatment. Will you continue taking the medications that are prescribed for you? Must you avoid taking any aspirins or supplements? Are there any supplements that can help you to have a smoother recovery period? Are there any natural foods or methods that you use to reduce the amount of bruising that you’ll see? Ask your professional about what you can do to make the results of your procedure be more satisfactory and parallel to the results that you want.

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