To achieve youthful and more perfect skin a large number of us will buy and try just about any new product or service on the market.  Many of us will fill our bathroom cabinets with forgotten or partially used products which have not fulfilled their promises to deliver more perfect skin.  Many of us will continue to have older now forgotten treatments such as microdermabrasion or micro needling, or similar older technologies because their spa has never moved into the 2000’s and/or has not spent the time money or effort to bring the top treatments and technologies into their clinics.

Having the most up to date treatments available in today’s marketplace is a priority of our clinics and our Oakville clinic is no exception.  With over 20 different lasers, and dozens of cosmetic injectable treatments, you’re every wish for improved skin care can be achieved.   With multiple technologies, medical grade products and the best trained medical and cosmetic team in Oakville, we’re well prepared to assist you in your efforts to achieve more perfect and more youthful skin.

Here are the top benefits of reasons to visit and take advantage of our laser skin care experts in our Oakville clinic:

  • Receiving proper laser skin care accompanied with Medical Grade skin care will finally help to improve your acne and acne scarring and on a permanent basis.
  • Laser skin care will help to even out your skin tone
  • Loose and stretched skin can become tight and youthful again with laser skin care
  • Laser skin care dramatically improves wrinkles and alleviates or reduces the need for botox/dysport
  • Laser skin care can remove pigment damage caused by the hot sun
  • Laser skin care can remove brown pigment damage and hormonal age spots
  • Laser skin care can improve your skin pores, reducing their size and appearance
  • Laser skin care will give your cheeks a slight elevated appearance making you look younger
  • Laser skin care will increase and improve healthy collagen production and growth
  • Laser skin care adds overall glow to your skin

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