Razors vs Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal System
Free yourself from the constraints of routine shaving or waxing with the Soprano Laser by Alma, one of our tried, trusted, and true laser systems! The gold-standard of laser hair removal is here with the Soprano Laser by Alma, offered at our Markham location, only 15 minutes from Vaughan at LightTouch Med Spa, and possessing the capabilities of faster treatments and better coverage of surface areas.

All treatments are facilitated by a professionally trained technician and certified by Soprano Lasers themselves, so our staff are wholly qualified to administer laser hair removal treatments to all Vaughan patients.

Treatment Areas
Our treatments are offered to anyone who wishes to remove unwanted hair. The most popular areas of the body treated at our facility are legs, arms, bikini lines, backs, underarms, faces, or necks.

Previous laser technology was known to have problems with removing hair from tanned or dark skin, but with the Soprano laser, those problems are a thing of the past! As safety is our number one priority here at LightTouch Med Spa, the Soprano Laser is FDA and Health Canada approved and has been providing safe and effective laser hair removal treatments to millions of patients worldwide since 2005.

So wherever the hair may be on your body, the Soprano Laser is a reliable and practical way to rid yourself of it!

After Care
Reduction in hair can be seen almost immediately after treatment of the specific area, with little to no downtime needed. Many patients are fit to return to work or resume daily activities directly after the procedure. Although, it is advised to avoid overheating the treated area by avoiding hot baths and showers, saunas, or high-intensity workouts for twenty-four hours.

To see your hair loss results turn from a temporary to a permanent fix, typically six to eight treatments are needed. This allows for the periodic lasering of hair regrowth in our follicles to keep the hair from coming back. Eight to ten treatments are advised for those with darker skin tones and hair types.


The constant hassle of shaving, and maintaining your skin afterwards is more than time consuming. It also costs a lot of money over your lifetime spending money on razors, as well as the cost of your own time. If you couple that up with razor burns, shaving cream, and skin irritation, there just is no winning.

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