Scalp Health in Orlando

If you live in Orlando, considering your scalp health is important. Living in a warm climate and being out in the sun leaves the scalp vulnerable to dry skin and sun damage unless you wear a hat. Scalp health in Orlando is something that many people take for granted, however, to ensure healthy, undamaged, and thick hair, it is something that we should really consider more often! Think about it: you don’t want dry skin on your face and body, so why would you want it on your scalp?! Read on for information on treatments we offer at LightTouch Med Spa Orlando to keep your scalp healthy and your hair thick and shiny!


PRP Treatments for Scalp Health in Orlando

What is PRP?


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are beneficial for individuals who are looking to naturally treat a wide variety of skin conditions and ailments, including hair loss. During a PRP treatment, our Cosmetic Nurse  drawing one vial of blood from you during your appointment, and placing the vial in a centrifuge so that it can undergo a spin process. We use a double-spin centrifugal process that takes approximately 20 minutes, so that your white blood cells will separate from the plasma. The result is that when the vial emerges from the centrifuge, it appears to be a clear, gold liquid. Our nurse will then re-inject your white blood cells and plasma into your scalp.

The plasma will aid in directing your white blood cells to the affected area, and your white blood cells (healing agents) will then begin the healing process. The platelets contain growth factors that promote healing of damaged skin, by way of triggering surrounding cells to proliferate and repair any damages. This in turn repairs the hair follicle and creates a healthier foundation for new hair to grow. In addition to stimulating the hair follicle and new hair growth, PRP improves scalp health in Orlando in turn, preventing hair from continuing to fall out. Our clients have reported a noticeable reduction in hair loss after a series of 3 to 5 PRP treatments.


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