Three Positive Effects of Botox® Injections

The human face is covered in ‘repetitive use injuries,’ very commonly known as wrinkles, but with a term like that, these common signs of ageing sound more menacing than ever. These unavoidable facial lines plague us as the human body ages but are not altogether unchangeable. This is where the positive effects of Botox®, administered by a trained Vaughan professional at our LightTouch Med Spa facility comes into play!

To the learn the top three positive effects of Botox® treatments, continue to read our Med Spa post below!

Put a Pause on Wrinkles
Using Botox® prevents the facial muscles from contracting, as the injections are made up of a specific chemical named botulinum toxin A, which causes muscular paralysis, and in turn, limits the repetitive damage the constant muscle contractions make on our skin.

This paralysis smooths and tightens skin, as your epidermis works to heal itself of wrinkles and expression lines. Using Botox® injections will put a pause on the development of wrinkles, allowing your face to look more relaxed and rested months after the treatment.

If you find yourself with unwanted crows feet and horizontal lines between the eyes, Botox® administered by LightTouch Med Spa is a great way to soften those facial crevices and reduce wrinkles for Vaughan residents!

Preventative Measures
Botox® injections can be considered a preventative measure as well as an ongoing solution to the wrinkle problem. Using Botox® at a younger age, and in smaller doses, can help prevent deep furrowed lines from forming in the first place.

Just like you might visit the dentist to prevent cavities from arising, so too can you visit LightTouch Med Spa to receive Botox® and avoid the onslaught of deeper wrinkles as you grow.

Little Downtime
As Botox® is the most popular aesthetic treatment in the world today, with over four million procedures completed last year alone, it is a relatively safe and comfortable procedure. With little to no downtime, patients can resume daily activities almost immediately after treatment. There may be some slight bruising or swelling to the injected area a short time after administration, but will usually disappear soon after.

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Botox® is by no means an outright solution to ageing, as nothing can stop the compelling nature of time, but these injections are a tool to look and feel more relaxed, rested, and even younger.

Any type of injection or drug should be discussed with a medical practitioner before use, that is why LightTouch Med Spa offers a free consultation for all Vaughan residents interested in receiving Botox®.

To find out if Botox® is right for you, and learn more about the procedure and effects, contact us online to schedule your free consultation today!

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