Eye Bags

If people keep telling you that you look tired, or if you look in the mirror and find an older, tired-looking person staring back at you, it could be that the dark circles under your eyes are to blame. Although not getting enough sleep can be a factor in the development of dark circles, a number of other factors contribute to the appearance of the circles, including the thickness of your skin, the size of your blood vessels and pigmentation. While concealers cover up the problem temporarily and plenty of over-the-counter creams promise to fade your dark circles, they’re only one way to solve the problem. In-office treatment such as laser skin resurfacing and IPL, offers an effective treatment for your eye bags. IPL treatment is available at LightTouch Med Spa, and we encourage you to continue reading this article for more information!

IPL treatment at LightTouch Med Spa!

Although an intense pulsed light or IPL treatment also uses light to rejuvenate the skin and to help remove dark under-eye circles, it’s not the same thing as a laser treatment. While laser skin resurfacing can help reduce pigmentation and thicken the skin, an IPL treatment is a better option for people who have small blood vessels close to the surface of the skin that are causing dark circles and eye bags. IPL treatments don’t damage the outer layer of skin the way laser treatments do but will close off any capillaries or vessels just below the skin’s surface, causing them to fade from view. You’ll most likely need several treatments of IPL to get the best results.

The Genetic Factor of Eye Bags

Heredity is what determines how much fat and skin you have around your eyes compared to the rest of your face. Some people genetically have flat contours around the eye area that simply will not ever bulge or sag. Other people may inherit a tendency to have fat deposits that protrude, either above or below the eye. Little can be done about heredity, but some people with natural under-eye bags notice that the bags increase or decrease with fluctuations in body weight. Additionally, bags that are present in youth are bound to become more pronounced when skin thins and loses its resiliency over time.

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