Treatments For Severe Acne

Having severe acne can cause more damage to a person than just to the state of their skin, as self-confidence drops and self-doubt rises. Oakville residents in need of quality treatments for severe acne can find a number of effective remedies here at LightTouch Med Spa. We want to help you gain your confidence, and healthy skin back, that’s why we offer an array of treatment types to aid those with acne and acne scarring. Please read on to learn more about our methods and how they can help you!

IPL™ (Intense Pulsed Light) Treatment

This method is the most effective at killing off the Acne P Virus and ridding oneself of severe acne. IPL™ treatments are also a great way to treat a variety of other skin conditions, including Rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage.

Intense Pulsed Light technology utilizes powerful, polychromatic light, which penetrates below the surface of the skin, and targets the melanin or blood vessels, depending on the type of treatment you are after. This powerful light destroys the target thus resulting in the destruction of acne symptoms, age spots, and spider veins. This cutting-edge technology also stimulates the production of collagen in the body, resulting in smoother looking and feeling skin post-treatment.

PIXELⓇ Treatments

One of the quickest and most effective ways in dealing with acne scarring and resulting hyperpigmentation is the process known as fractional, non-ablative resurfacing. This form of treatment uses PIXELⓇ technology, known throughout the cosmetic industry as the Gold Standard for scar removal. This process involves resurfacing the skin and removing any damaged skin cells, stimulating the growth of new, healthy cells to take their place.

*Results May Vary*

PRP Treatments

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, injections are a great way to stimulate the healing properties of the body, and rejuvenate the look and feel of your skin, treating acne and scarring in the process. This treatment will see one of our practitioners drawing a vial of your blood, and placing it in a machine called a centrifuge. The centrifuge rapidly spins the blood around, causing the pressure to separate the blood components by density. Once the spin cycle is complete, a concentrated level of platelets will be contained in a limited volume of plasma, which can then be injected into the body to aid in tissue regeneration, as the platelets contain growth factors responsible for healing wounds and blood clotting.

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Here at LightTouch, we offer all of our potential patients a free consultation to provide the best treatments, and to ensure all of our clients are comfortable with the procedure in question. Upon entering our Oakville facility, you will sit down with one of our knowledgeable medical practitioners to discuss our effective acne treatments, how they can help you, and what to expect when it comes to results and post-treatment care. During your consultation, our staff will offer you a skin analysis to determine the most appropriate course of action for you, tailoring our treatments your skin care needs.

Overall, if the information we have provided you has gotten you interested in receiving our treatments for severe acne, now is the time to book your no-commitment, no-cost meeting here at LightTouch Med Spa.

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