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Getting ready for the most romantic month of the year can be daunting. Do you want to look and feel your best on the day where you celebrate your love with your significant other? Feel the love, not the love handles, this Valentine’s Day with our new radio frequency body contouring. To put you in the mood this Valentine’s Day, LightTouch Med Spa is offering specials on an array of treatments, including access to one free body contouring treatment.

Continue to read through this post to find out the details of these astonishing specials!

Body Contouring

As part of our medical spa special, we are extending one FREE treatment for those interested in our radio frequency body contouring so they can see first hand just how amazing a method it really is! This treatment will help you to tone and tighten your skin while melting fat at different depths so you can have sensual, caress-worthy skin for February 14th!

Choose between your neck or your stomach and let our expert staff get to work. Take your sessions to the next level, and treat a larger area of your body, with sessions starting at just $250!

All contouring is done with the state-of-the-art Alma ReformⓇ laser machine. Our facilities use the Alma brand of laser systems because their modern and innovative technology allows for fast, safe, and effective treatments, at affordable pricing for our patients.

The Alma ReformⓇ is backed by 10 years of clinically proven effectiveness and has been used successfully in over 4,500 clinics around the world. With three hand held applicators, each containing different specifications to heat the skin at different depths, the ReformⓇ can perform on any skin type, even on delicate and thing areas!

Hair Removal

Our body contouring special is not the only thing getting us hot this holiday season. LightTouch Med Spa is also implementing a fabulous hair removal package so you can feel smooth to the touch on your special day.

Get two extra treatments for free when you purchase our hair removal package. Receive 6 treatments on large areas, includes one of the following: full face, full arms (female), half arms (male), full stomach, full chest, Brazilian, and buttocks, all for $699, and we will throw in two more treatments for FREE!

As with our body contouring, our hair removal treatments are performed using the Alma brand of lasers. The Soprano Laser utilizes patented Alma technology as well, as it comes equipped with the IN-Motion™ technology.

Where other laser hair removal machines utilize the painful ‘stamping’ technique to deliver energy to the hair follicles, the Soprano sends energy through a laser tip that is continuously moving and sweeping across the skin, comfortably heating and subsequently destroying the follicles without the pain.

It is this damaging of the hair follicle that is needed to stop growing hair. For this reason, repeat treatments will be required to make sure every follicle is damaged beyond repair, presumably 6 to 8 sessions for lighter skin types, and 8 to 10 for darker skin types. Those two free sessions would be the difference between your hair coming back or staying gone!

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Looking and feeling your best is essential to celebrating a great Valentine’s Day with your paramour, that’s why LightTouch is offering up such great deals for the taking! Wherever you may be located, easily access our specials throughout Ontario as we offer treatments at our Mississauga, Oakville, Waterloo, Milton, and now Markham locationsContact LightTouch Med Spa online for full details on our specials, to fill out our Med Spa form, or to book an appointment with one of our expert staff today!

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