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With spring in full swing and summer on the way, now is the time to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your body for the warm weather ahead. For those looking to acquire professional weight loss treatments in Mississauga to get ready for the impending bathing suit season, consider enlisting the help of LightTouch Med Spa, as we offer two great methods to help you rid yourself of unwanted fat. To learn more about our treatments provided at our Mississauga clinic, please keep reading below.

The Two Treatment Approaches

When it comes to facilitating safe and effective weight loss treatments, we at LightTouch offer two main methods, radio frequency treatments and fat lipolysis injections. Both of these approaches work to rid the body of hard-to-burn fat deposits that don’t seem to budge from improved diet and exercise.

Fat Lipolysis Application

These injections allow our patients total control over which fat deposits they want to treat on the body. The double chin, upper arms, upper and lower belly, back, love handles, outside and inside of the thighs, as well as the top of the legs, and the lower buttocks can all be treated using  Fat Lipolysis.

How The Injections Work

Our staff are fully certified lipolysis injectors, so they are well equipped to administer this treatment, offering safe and professional services to the Mississauga area and beyond. The application of a series of small injections at the desired site can melt away small, localized pockets of fat. This treatment uses what is known as an active substance called phosphatidylcholine (PPC), a naturally occurring substance in the body that metabolizes fat and breaks down cholesterol, and injects it into the subcutaneous tissue, destroying the fat deposits from within, so the body can safely flush them from the system.

Safe And Effective Treatment Approach

At LightTouch, we use the brand of injections known as Network-Lipolysis, as they offer a safe and reliable form of treatment for all of our patients. Over 1700 medical practitioners, in 60 countries, use this brand of fat lipolysis injections, as it is clinically proven to satisfy 80% of patients with just two treatments! However, in some cases, four treatments may be needed to produce the desired effect in patients. There is little downtime associated with these injections, so clients are free to resume their daily activities almost immediately after treatment.

Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio frequency treatments also eradicate those stubborn fat deposits on the body but do so using the cutting-edge technology from the Alma brand of lasers, facilitated through the use of the Accent XL™ system. This system uses three handpieces which utilizes radio frequency heat to heat up and break apart fat deposits at different tissue depths within the body.

System Approach

The three handpieces allow the administration of this treatment to different parts of the body, including the face and appendages, to achieve weight loss at the patient’s desired fat deposits. Surrounding tissue and muscles are left untouched while the system gradually raises the temperature of the radio frequency to match the patient’s body temperature to create a pain-free application approach, so no anesthesia is required. As these fat deposits break apart, they are expelled from the body through the lymphatic system, while the technology also stimulates collagen production in the process. Therefore, this method not only melts away fat but leaves your skin looking and feeling smoother and tighter while reducing cellulite all at once.

Required Sessions And Results

Sessions last anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour, depending upon the targeted area. There is no downtime associated with this method, so like injections, patients are free to resume their normal activities after completion of their treatment. Typically 3 to 6 weekly sessions are required to see the full effect of the Accent XL™, achieving the patient’s desired results.

Free Consultation

At LightTouch Med Spa, the safety of our patients is our number one concern, that’s why we offer all potential clients a free consultation to discuss their desired treatment with one of our qualified medical practitioners. By visiting our facility, you can find out more about these weight loss treatments at our Mississauga location, and how they can help you achieve the results you crave this summer season.

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