What Is A BotoxⓇ Lip Flip?

Our ability to whistle comes from the muscles around our lips known as the ‘orbicularis oris.’ These muscles also give us the ability to kiss and are sometimes referred to as the ‘kissing muscle’ for this reason. It is the orbicularis oris that is injected with BotoxⓇ to produce what is known as the BotoxⓇ Lip Flip, currently offered at our Waterloo clinic. This treatment allows the patient to obtain the lip shape they have always wanted, creating plumper, more kissable lips in the process! Therefore, if you are wondering what a BotoxⓇ Lip Flip is, and how it can help you, please keep reading this article by LightTouch Med Spa, as we discuss the treatment below.

Injectable Method

A BotoxⓇ lip flip differs from other forms of lip injectable treatments, as the BotoxⓇ is applied to the muscle around the lip, the orbicularis oris, rather than the lip itself. Where Hyaluronic Acid fillers are injected into the lip to create plumpness, BotoxⓇ relaxes these muscles, allowing the upper and/or lower lip to flip outward, creating volume in this way. This method is a safe and non-surgical way to produce the lip aesthetic you’ve craved, without affecting the functionality of your lips in the process.

Lip Aesthetic

This treatment has the ability to enhance the look of a thin upper lip, to match the plumpness of the lower lip, and it can treat a gummy smile. This is a smile that shows excessive gum tissue, which can be hidden as the lip flips out to cover the gum. Administration around the orbicularis oris can help produce the aesthetic you desire, whatever that look may be, unlocking the full potential of your smile.

Quick Application With Little Down Time

This treatment is a great way to produce the look you desire, swiftly and efficiently, as treatments at our facility only take about thirty minutes to complete. Just as it takes little time to receive, there is little downtime also associated with a BotoxⓇ lip flip. As it is a non-surgical and non-invasive form of lip enhancement, the downtime is almost non-existent, letting you return to your daily routine almost immediately after application.

Temporary Results

Just like regular BotoxⓇ injections, the results produced are not permanent. A lip flip lasts between three and four months before the BotoxⓇ metabolizes and the effects fade. However, the management of treatments is easy so you can stop by our facility again to receive another BotoxⓇ injection and reproduce the desired look.

Our Expert Team

By enlisting the help of LightTouch, you are ensured care by medical professionals, as all of our members of staff have the training and certification to administer safe, and effective, injections.

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Therefore, with all of this information in mind, you no longer need to ask what a BotoxⓇ Lip Flip is, as you can obtain the lip shape you have always wanted when you visit us at LightTouch Med Spa and our Waterloo clinic. The comfort and safety of our clients are our number one concern, that’s why we offer a free consultation to all of our prospective patients, so they can receive the information they need to feel comfortable with the approach in question.  

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