What is an Electrolysis Laser?

In the past, many people chose to stick to shaving and waxing, as laser hair removal proved to be too painful and expensive a treatment. But in recent years, things have changed. Thanks to the technological development in the medical spa and cosmetic industry, obtaining painless and effective hair removal at an affordable price, is easier than ever. Now the choice consists of which treatment to go for. LightTouch Med Spa offers the diode method of laser hair removal over the electrolysis method for a number of reasons, read on to find out!


Electrolysis is the most modern method of hair removal that seeks to stem hair growth through the individual destruction of each hair follicle across the body. Electrolysis devices destroy the growth center of the hair using heat energy administered through a fine, disposable probe inserted into each, individual hair follicle. Once the root is damaged, the hair is removed with tweezers.

Here at LightTouch, we utilize the diode method of hair removal. We facilitate this method using the Soprano laser system from the Alma brand of lasers, as it offers pain-free, safe, and highly effective results, all at a decent price for the patient. The machine sends energy through a laser tip that is continuously moving and sweeping across the patient’s skin, delivering a high repetition rate of short pulses into the dermis, comfortably heating and subsequently destroying a large group of hair follicles, without injury to the surrounding tissue.


Electrolysis gained traction in the cosmetic industry when it came to hair removal because it boasted the versatile ability to destroy any hair type, even light, white, red, or grey hairs. The diode method of treatment, on the other hand, was only able to pick up on darker hair colours, due to the laser’s ability to pinpoint hair based on the melanin, the pigment in our bodies that gives our hair colour.

Thanks to the breakthrough technology by the Alma laser systems, the brand we use here at LightTouch Med Spa, the Soprano laser now offers hair removal on a broader range of hair types and colours due to the Alexandrite wavelength, allowing for even better energy absorption by the melanin chromophore.

Alex technology features simultaneous, integrated contact cooling, no disposables and either stationary or In-motion delivery options as well as compatibility with both HR and SHR modes, making Alex the preferred hair removal treatment method for both practitioners and patients across the country.

Treatable Areas

This electrolysis process has to be performed on each individual follicle to see results. Most areas of the body are safe to be treated with this form of hair removals, including the face, abdomen, thighs, chest, and legs.

The diode method offers the same range of treatment areas, but at a quicker administration rate, thanks to the large spot size, hand-held applicator, allowing LightTouch Med Spa staff to quickly, and safely, treat more extensive areas.

Comfort Level

One of the most significant differences between the two hair removal methods is the comfort level during the treatment, as well as afterwards. Electrolysis sessions take a longer time and are overall more painful than the diode method. This is because each hair follicle must be destroyed individually, extending treatment times, and incurring a more painful process. Once completed, the downtime for electrolysis treatments can last up to 21 days!

The diode method of hair removal is by far more comfortable during the treatments and afterwards. Thanks to the Soprano laser’s patented technology and content cooling effects, we can painlessly remove a patient’s hair, with little to no downtime so they can get back to their daily routine immediately after treatment.

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As the diode method of hair removal provides lasting results, without the painful administration and downtime, you can see why we use the Soprano laser over the electrolysis laser method. If you are still unsure about these methods, we would be happy to talk to you.

Here at LightTouch Med Spa, we want to make sure our patients are making informed decisions when it comes to our treatments. That’s why we offer a free consultation for all potential clients so they can discuss the approach, safety requirements, targeted areas, aftercare, and more, with one of our knowledgeable medical practitioners. With facilities in Mississauga, Oakville, Waterloo, Milton, and Markham, we extend our services across the GTA.

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