Obliterate Facial Blemishes with our Acne Treatments at LightTouch Med Spa in the Vaughan Area

LightTouch Med Spa can help with all aspects of acne treatment and control- whether its a breakout, oily and congested skin, or the aftereffects of acne scarring, our facility can help Vaughan residents free themselves from the shackles of acne related problems!

So how exactly can our acne treatments help heal blemishes, prevent breakouts, and put an end to scarring- continue to read on to find out the answers!

HydraFacial Treatment
LightTouch Med Spa has a team of certified medical aestheticians who can help Vaughan residents find the perfect acne treatment for their skin, no matter the sensitivity level.

HydraFacial treatments are perfect for those looking to clear their skin with a skin compatible, noninvasive and fast acting approach. The Hydrafacial can be administered in as little as thirty minutes, tailored to your skin type, and resulting in long-term skin health improvements. This treatment is especially soothing to irritated skin, as it bathes the patient’s face in a cleansing and hydrating serum while removing dead skin cells and extracting impurities to leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Our medical aestheticians can help you find the appropriate serum and treatment based on your unique skin requirements, so you can clear away your acne and prevent it from coming back all in one fell swoop.

Acne Scarring
Sometimes acne can be brought under control, only to leave scarring and blemishes in its place. If you are a Vaughan resident who vanquished the acne on your face to be left with noticeable and annoying scarring, LightTouch Med Spa has the solution for you.

Not only are our facilities well equipped to handle the skin care problems of Vaughan residents, but LightTouch is also adept at treating the scarring that can go along with those pesky acne and melanin problems.

Utilizing top-of-the-line laser systems by Alma, our laser treatments are the fastest way to deal with scarring and hyperpigmentation left behind on your face when acne heals. An Intense Pulsed Light machine is used to emit controlled bursts of a powerful, polychromatic light into the lower surface of the skin, targeting either melanin or blood vessels for different effects.

This powerful light destroys the targeted melanin or blood vessels effectively destroying the acne scarring, and even age spots and spider veins. While riding your skin of scarring, the IPL machine will also stimulate collagen production within, rejuvenating the overall look of your skin at the same time!

If the above information has you interested in the many acne treatments offered by us here at LightTouch Med Spa, Vaughan residents can contact us online to book a free consultation today!


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