Where can Vaughan residents get skin tightening treatment?

As the Earth finishes another circuit around the sun, we wave goodbye to another year and say hello to yet another symptom of ageing. If you are noticing problematic changes to your body that the last year has wreaked on you, then LightTouch is the medical spa for you! With the help of our laser skin tightening treatments, LightTouch Med Spa offers Vaughan residents the chance to negate the changes 2018 has caused to you!

Read on to learn how our treatments can have you looking younger, fresher, and happier with the New Year!

The System

Our laser skin tightening treatment consists of using the Alma Accent XL laser system, which uses three different radio frequencies to reduce cellulite created through weight gain, stress, age, and a variety of other factors. The system gradually heats the body at different depths, utilizing the three frequencies in three handheld heads to do so.

The BiPolar Head heats the top layer of skin, or dermis, locally, to tighten the area. The second frequency, the UniPolar Head, reaches a deeper depth of 20mm in the dermis and is used to increase blood circulation and inducing the fat cells that get drained out of the body through the lymphatic system. Finally, the UniLarge Head is the most powerful of the three frequencies, with double the power and reach of the UniPolar Head, delivering treatments quicker than ever before.

Help reduce fat and tighten skin on your body in a fast, safe, and pain-free way this new year with the help of LightTouch Med Spa and our laser skin tightening treatments in the Vaughan area.

The Benefits

The benefits of using this High-Powered Radio Frequency Alma Accent XL are triple-fold when it comes to the positive effects on your epidermis. This laser system can treat pesky cellulite problems, tighten skin, and help with body contouring all at the same time.

The three machine heads, housing up to 300 watts of power, are used to improve the laxity of the patient’s skin by contracting and multiplying collagen fibres. The heads also stimulate the contraction of connective tissues to improve the skin’s contour, texture, and overall architecture for firmer and smoother looking skin.

These treatments are also known to improve blood circulation, in turn, increasing the draining capabilities of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, or cellulite, to reduce edema, erythema, and overall volume of the fat cells.

Free Consultation

If the above information has piqued your interest, you can get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff for a free consultation before booking your appointment.

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