5 Common Misconceptions About Getting a Kybella® Treatment in Orlando

You’re probably well aware that there are plenty of misconceptions about getting Kybella® in Orlando. Not everyone who wants Kybella® in Orlando can easily afford it or has the time to do all of the treatments, so if you could only get one treatment, would you even know which one? Luckily, you don’t have to deal with any of this because LightTouch Med Spa has all of the answers for you! In this article, we talk about five common misconceptions about getting Kybella® treatment.

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Kybella® is just another Botox®-style filler injection that costs too much

There’s actually an entirely different chemical used when injecting Kybella® in Orlando. The FDA-approved injection uses deoxycholic acid (say that five fast!), which is the same thing that your body produces to help break down fat cells. So, it’s pretty obvious that this chemical is highly effective when destroying these cells, but it still doesn’t explain why so many people are claiming that Kybella® is less expensive than other soft tissue fillers.

You’ll be bruised for weeks

There may have been some misconceptions about safety when administering Kybella® in Orlando in the past due to its ability to dissolve fat. However, treatments today don’t even require anesthesia so you can get through your entire treatment in just a few minutes. What’s even better is that the FDA approved Kybella® to be safe and effective in reducing fat under the chin and you will not be bruised for weeks or scarred.

It only works on double chins

You’ve probably heard plenty of people say that there isn’t a treatment out there for their love handles, but this also isn’t true when it comes to Kybella® in Orlando. Many people think that Kybella® can only target your extra fatty tissue below the chin but they forget about all of the other parts of your body where excess fat cells can accumulate such as your arms, legs, knees, ankles, and more. As long as these areas have excess fat cells then they can benefit from getting treated with Kybella®.

You can’t get Kybella® if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding

There are so many misconceptions about the safety of getting treated with Kybella® injections in Orlando, especially if you fall into any of the high-risk categories such as being pregnant or breastfeeding. There’s no reason to panic because the only thing that this treatment does is destroy fat cells and it has never been known to cause side effects for either mother or child. As long as your doctor gives you the green light then there won’t be any issues with taking advantage of this procedure. You might even encourage other women in your life who are looking to live a healthy lifestyle to take advantage of what LightTouch Med Spa has to offer!

Kybella® works for everyone

There are plenty of other misconceptions about Kybella®, but this final one is actually true. Kybella® works for everyone, whether you’re male or female, young or old. If you have excess fatty tissue under your chin then you can get rid of it with the help of deoxycholic acid injections. There’s no harm in trying to get rid of these fat cells because once they are gone they won’t ever come back.

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