Soprano™ Laser

The Soprano ICE uses Alexandrite wavelength technology. The Alexandrite wavelength is a type of light energy emission that is transmitted through an alexandrite crystal. When the light energy is emitted through the Alexandrite crystal, it allows for better energy absorption by the melanin chromophore.

SopranoLite Machine

What You Need To Know About Diode Laser Hair Removal

We use painless, fast, and effective technology!

We offer an effective pain-free approach to hair removal using the Soprano Laser by Alma.

In the past many people chose not to get laser hair removal because of the pain associated with the treatments. Thanks to the Soprano by Alma, those days are gone! In fact, our clients describe their laser hair removal treatments as comfortable and relaxing.

The Soprano Laser has become the most popular technology available as it is safe and effective for individuals of all ages and skin types. It is the gold-standard of laser hair removal utilizing cutting-edge technology creating a comfortable laser hair removal option.

What can you expect?

Before The Treatment

During a consultation, you will discuss your skincare goals with your practitioner, as well as discuss the technology that we use, any health concerns that you may have, and all questions you’d like answered. Please be mindful that there are contraindications for laser hair removal that you’ll need to make our medical professionals aware of should they apply to you. For instance, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have Psoriasis, blood disorders, severe reactions to histamines, vitiligo, or have had procedures such as chemical peels recently. Ask our medical aesthetician and be sure to ask your doctor if you think you are pregnant or are breastfeeding.

We recommend shaving the area being treated before you come in for your appointment. With that being said, we do offering shaving services at an extra cost. Inquire about pricing before your treatment if this is something you’d like in addition to your treatment.

During The Treatment

Both you and our trained medical professionals are required to wear protective eye-wear during all laser treatments, including laser hair removal. During a laser hair removal treatment, you can expect to feel a warm sensation as the medical aesthetician uses the Soprano laser on the area being treated.

After The Treatment

1-2 weeks after your treatment you will notice that less hair will grow in than before. However, clients typically won’t see full results in one treatment alone, which is why we offer packages of eight treatments. After your first treatment, you can expect to wait four weeks until your next treatment. We highly recommend waiting four weeks in between each treatment to allow for one full hair growth cycle to occur.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Laser hair removal using the Soprano system by Alma Lasers is pain-free. The energy levels are easy to adjust so we can tailor treatments to your comfort level and satisfaction.

Is laser hair removal safe? When should I avoid laser treatments?

Yes. Laser hair removal treatments by the Soprano Laser have been approved by the FDA. With that being said, there are some contraindications such as: breastfeeding, pregnancy, sun exposed skin and sunburns, some medical conditions and medications, skin cancer, tattoos, and keloids. Please contact your family physician if you have any of the above conditions or are taking medications.

Are the results permanent?

For the most part, laser hair removal is a permanent solution. With that said, every individual is different and aging, side effects to medications, and hormonal changes can cause new hair growth in some cases.

What if I stop treatments?

If you decide to stop treatments before you’ve had eight sessions, you may find that you experience new unwanted hair growth.

How many treatments will I need?

On average, clients see best results after eight treatments. The number of treatments may vary from patient to patient.

Can I be treated if I’ve been in the sun?

If you’ve recently had direct sun exposure or you currently have a sunburn, we highly recommend waiting until you no longer have tanned skin or a sunburn until your next laser hair removal treatment.

Can I go in the sun after treatment?

We highly recommend avoiding direct sun exposure after your treatment for a few days up to a week to avoid sun damage.