Treat Spider/Varicose Leg Veins with Lasers

Are you looking for a way to remove spider veins and varicose veins on your legs? Did you know that you can remove those veins with lasers? At LightTouch Med Spa in Orlando, Florida, our clients can receive professional laser vein treatments administered by state-of-the-art laser technology provided by Alma Laser. Leg veins can have a negative impact on your appearance, and in some cases, they can cause pain and irritation. Although there are several different treatments available for leg veins, one of the best treatment options involved laser vein treatments. We encourage you to continue reading this article to learn more about removing leg veins with lasers at LightTouch Med Spa in Orlando!

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How do laser vein treatments work?

Laser vein treatments help to remove the unsightly veins on your legs by using intense pulses of concentrated light. During the procedure, light is sent through a special device. As the laser energy is directed at the venous walls, the vein absorbs the energy. Since the laser light is calibrated to damage specific pigments, it selectively damages the blood vessels and doesn’t damage the surrounding tissues within the body. Once the light reaches the vessels, it damages the lining, and over time, your body slowly reabsorbs the vessels. By eliminating these damaged veins, the treatment allows blood to start flowing back into deeper vessels, which is where it belongs.


What are some benefits of laser vein treatments?

When it comes to removing the veins on your legs, there are plenty of benefits that can be experienced with laser treatment. One of the major advantages of this treatment is the speed, and it requires less time than several alternative treatments. Another major advantage of laser vein removal is its comfort, which is much higher than what you’d experience during other procedures. Laser vein treatment is also very effective and provides long lasting results.

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